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Terry is ‘The GURU OF MOTIVATION’ says RUSKIN BOND. Both the authors have been at several Lit festivals in India and abroad and Ruskin Bond is confident that Terry can never let the listeners down.


The mantra of Terry is CHANGE: 'Only if you change how you see things, will things change.

Terry was born dumb and got his speech late in life. This makes him believe in the sanctity of the spoken word.

Terry is a natural motivational trainer with life examples. He sprinkles his motivational talk with humor, wit and everyday incidents and little anecdotes. The forums where he speaks are varied- at the school, corporate and university level. 


He believes in POSITIVITY.  

  • Failure can be an event, not a person

  • Every ‘NO’ gets you closer to the ‘YES’.

  • In the journey to success the ladder is not as important as the wall that it leans on.

  • He emphasizes on the ‘BLANK” sheet that we indiscreetly fill up each day- what we ‘MISS’ and what we ‘MAKE’!

  •  Worrying is like a rocking chair- it makes you do something but takes you nowhere.

  • The height of your ignorance in your belief in TRAGEDY- for what is the end of the caterpillar, is the beginning of a butterfly!


He believes in the TOOL of FIRO-B to evaluate one’s SWOT.


For him some words are more meaningful when they are seen as acronyms:


TEAM; Together Each Aim’s Met
MERIT: Meet Each Requirement In Time
FAIL: First Attempt In Learning
END: Efforts Never Die
NO: Next Opportunity


He has conducted motivational workshops at AMITY University, KIIT University, ISCE and CBSE Schools across the length and breadth of the country. He is a regular KEY NOTE Speaker at conferences.


Hear him and the world awaits you and your dreams!


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