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Terry O'Brien

Terry O'Brien is an academician turned full- time writer, a freelance media consultant and public broadcaster, a quiz enthusiast and a passionate motivational trainer.

"You have to write the book that wants to be written "


About Me

A creative person with a zest for life, Terry O’Brien is an academician turned full time writer, a passionate quiz enthusiast, a freelance media consultant and a passionate motivational trainer. Terry has published above 150 books and is still churning out books that help create new talent in the world of creativity with books that are also informative and tickle the ribs. He is currently working on a plethora of subjects and topics including showcasing the gems of timeless classics. He has also scripted his memoirs.  Terry has taught as a Professor in India and abroad and now teaches as a visiting faculty/trainer and devotes most of his time to creative writing and training people. Born dumb, he got his speech back at the age of five, is now one who is making up for these years of silence delivering talks in India and abroad. Terry O’Brien is an Anglo-Indian who lives in Delhi, India with his muse and creative thoughts. ‘Reading is good; writing is better’ is his mantra. He does not read the lines of a book; he reads between the lines. He believes in the 3Rs of Learning: Read, Record, Recall. 


Indeed Terry O’Brien is a man of many parts: language expert, quiz enthusiast, motivational speaker, playwright, academic and versatile author. His books cover a range of subjects from communication and language skills to general studies and fiction. He has over three decades of experience in teaching and training people in communication skills and language in India and abroad. He has headed a college under the University of Delhi and is academic advisor to several leading institutions. Dr. O’Brien is a much sought-after motivational speaker, the ‘guru of motivation’ says Ruskin Bond, the author of millinieum. He has written and directed several plays, his last with the British Airways Crew in Delhi. He has been a columnist for The Pioneer, Amar Ujala, Hindustan and Vanita.


Terry O’Brien is one of the best companions for students and professionals in the publishing and training world.



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